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Cruise holidaymakers complain about ‘huge pain’ with luggage at end of holiday | Cruise | Travel

One of the reasons cruise holidays are so popular is because passengers don’t have to worry about much while they’re onboard. However, a few guests say they find the last day stressful.

On the last day of a cruise, passengers will need to disembark along with thousands of other guests.

A regular guest shared a photo of luggage tags on Reddit and said it was the “worst part” of any cruise.

A passenger added: “On the last day of the cruise, you can tag your large luggage, put it outside your door, and when you get off the ship the next day it’ll be waiting for you in the terminal.

“Some people opt to self disembark and keep all their luggage with them, but it’s a huge pain in the a** especially with crowded elevators, unless you pack very lightly.

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“I’ve always let the crew or porters take my big stuff down via the luggage elevators and I’ve never lost anything yet.

“That said, it’s usually just a suitcase full of dirty clothes and some toiletries, so if someone really wants to steal that, more power to him.”

On the last day the ship’s lifts are usually very crowded and people may have to wait a while to board one.

Cruise ship stairs can be difficult to tackle if passengers decide to keep their main luggage with them.


Another guest said: “I always try to soak up as much fun as I possibly can on my last night of the cruise, just because I know it’s the end.

“I always end up closing down whatever bar is open latest. I’m sure the crew hates me.”

On the final morning, some of the restaurants won’t open for breakfast and passengers will normally have to go to the buffet.

On mega cruise ships passengers will usually be assigned a disembarkation time to try to keep the process smooth.

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