Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2024

Home security experts share five measures to keep your property ‘extra secure’

With winter on its way, it is important for households to be aware of burglaries and to take steps to ensure the home is as safe as possible. Glenn Amato, Managing Director at ADT UK&I Subscriber, commented: “Our 2022 burglary report found that most burglaries occur at night, more precisely 32 percent in the evening and 26 percent at night. Opportunistic thieves prefer to operate under the cover of darkness so it is no surprise that the number of burglaries increases when the clocks go back and the nights get longer.

“On average, a burglary in England and Wales costs £2,856 and our report found that the cost of stolen items in a burglary amounts to more than £1,000 in 44 percent of incidents.

“Your home is where you feel most secure, yet only one in five of us take extra security measures when the dark nights draw in. 

“By taking these extra security steps when the clocks go back this year, we can help to reduce the number of burglaries.”

Experts at ADT have shared five top tips to make homes extra secure when the clocks go back on Sunday.

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2. See who’s at the door

Even when you’re not at home, a smart video doorbell allows homeowners to see, hear and speak to visitors. It is also a good way to monitor who passes the house on a regular basis.

The experts added: “In addition to letting the delivery person know where to leave a package while you are gone, they let you know who is at your door, even if they don’t ring the doorbell. 

“The ability to receive notifications on your phone when motion is detected allows you to check on what’s going on outside your front door.”

3. Lock your sheds and outbuildings

An outbuilding is often an easy target, so protecting sheds with secure windows and strong locks is essential.

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This is because the more protected your home is, the less likely it is to be targeted, meaning it is at less risk.

5. Lock windows and doors

Locking windows and doors before leaving the house or going to bed is also vital in keeping the property safe, and it takes no more than two minutes to do so.

The experts said: “This is a precautionary measure, but heading into the winter months when it gets darker much earlier, it is important to ensure your windows and doors are locked.

“Also, check your home to ensure all locks are in good working order. This will deter any opportunists looking for a quick win.”

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