Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2024

TikToker Calls Out Avis After They Rented Her Two Cars With Expired Plates

Rachel explained that she was told to contact customer service, yet, she tried to communicate several times, but none of them was helpful. People were tagging Avis in the comments, but there haven’t been any responses from the company since the video was posted on September 22nd.

There were many suggestions in the comments, such as, “I’d be calling and writing the CEO. Also, you don’t own the car so you are not legally obligated to pay a fine on a car you don’t,” and another, “Cancel the credit card. And issue a new one. Simple.”

Most users agreed that she must take legal action to get justice; like someone pointed out, “Get a lawyer to draft a letter of your rights and get ready to sue.”

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